Solar Induction Cook Stove : Step by Step Troubleshooting Guide

With increase in demand for cooking gas day by day and an increase in fuel price, people are looking forward to alternatives. Solar Induction cooking system is an economical, efficient and pollution free options. The solar energy is available in abundance and over 90% of is not been utilized.

There are about 25 crore households in India, which can potentially use solar based induction cooking as a clean and affordable source of cooking.  Such transformation will reduce the dependence of households on availability and price volatility of fossil fuels like LPG, kerosene.  Solar based induction cooking, while being capital intensive, does not need any recurring expenditure as the solar panel and batteries are owned by households.

The main purpose of the Solar Induction cooker/Chulha is a solar-powered Induction Stove / chulha suitable for all types of domestic cooking processes – Boiling, Frying and Griddling (chapatti making), with a daily cooking time of 3-4 hours per day on a full charge.

However, like every other technology product, solar induction cook stove has its own technical glitches. Don’t worry and use the following guide to find easy solutions to all your induction cook stove problems.

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