Why you should consider getting certified in Cloud Security

Forbes research states that Certifications in cloud computing pay an average salary of $112,955 per year. There has been much talk the growth rate of companies becomes faster than others if they use the cloud. Hence, it is more likely that your organization if not by now, will definitely play around cloud adoption in the near future. Having a cloud security strategy is very important to find the loopholes of security features of the cloud infrastructure. 

Organizations across the globe are now struggling to find qualified Cloud Security experts and employees with proven skills are in high demand. This trend of cloud adoption/migration  is an excellent opportunity for the professionals who can prove their knowledge with recognized cloud certifications. 

There are numerous cloud security certifications available in the market which an IT professional can opt. However a handful of them stand at the upper-hand from an industrial perspective. Its recommended to select a vendor-neutral cloud security certifications as these work across different cloud platforms and hence are more in demand in the market. Requirements for cloud certifications are rigorous and in order to successfully pass the exam, clear understanding of the fundamentals is essential.

Some key benefits of getting that Cloud Security Certification are:

  • Certified professionals have been proven to earn much more salary than their non-certified peers
  • Leading Cloud Security certifications are globally recognized by the concerned industry
  • Leading cloud security certifications make professional distinguishable from the peers as they already have proven knowledge and skills as per the industry benchmarks.
  • The certification acts as proof to your employer that you have the required cloud knowledge, skills, and expertise.
  • A vendor-neutral certification gives you more elaborate and specific knowledge on the security aspects of that platform.
  • Cloud security certifications for cloud professionals help in their career advancement with an eye-popping salary.

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