What is the Darkweb and why its famous??

What is the Dark Web?  

Its the kind of black market for the Internet. It is a term for all of the content on the Internet that is not indexed by search engines like Google and Bing. These include information that are behind strong encryption mechanisms and hence .onion websites are not directly accessible on public internet.

Underground online marketplaces and hackers hiding from government oversight, usually operate from the Dark Web.

Why Darkweb is so famous?

The major attractions for the growth of the Dark web are:

  • Anonymity: As, the Darkweb makes the traffic pass through a complex network of  nodes of a Tor network, tracking becomes theoretically impossible. This makes it a very lucrative destination for those aiming at evading any tracks.
  • Limited Accessibility : The Darkweb is accessible only via a specialized TOR browser and can’t be accessed through normal web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. This prevents the results being displayed to the masses and only interested consumers can use the dedicated software to access the hidden content.

Is the Darkweb illegal? 

The Dark Web itself cannot essentially be considered illegal, however the services being offered across the Darknet are usually illegal in nature. Ranging from hacking as a service to fave passports to banned drugs and even weapon dealing.

How does the Darkweb affect me?

Well, in most cases it may be unrelated to the naive internet users. However if your personal data was ever involved in a data breach, you may be a part of the darknet too. Hackers across the globe use the darknet as a source to sell  credentials from data breach for huge sums of money.

How is the Darkweb accessed? 

The Dark Web is most commonly accessed using the Tor Security suite that can be downloaded from the internet. The package contains a specialized browser that can be used to access the dark web.

Easy ways to access dark web from android

*This post is for educational purposes only and in any form does not recommend accessing the Darkweb.

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