Want to be happy in life?? Maybe its time to quit Facebook

We all struggle for more happiness in our lives. Whatever we have, never seems enough and we hope things to become even more merrier.  Interestingly, a latest research called “The Welfare Effects of Social Media” has stated that leaving Facebook might be good for your emotional well-being, according to a new study from researchers at NYU and Stanford . It highlights that the rise of social media has provoked both optimism about potential societal benefits and concern about harms such as addiction, depression, and political polarization. The study was released the same day Facebook announced a record $6.9 billion profit, and more users in both North America and Europe.

Users responded that they had more free time during the day with deactivated Facebook accounts.

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While the effects of the research are applicable to Digital Social Media in general, specific results for Facebook disablement can be summarized as follows:

  • Beginning with a subset of 2,844 Facebook users to deactivate their Facebook accounts for four weeks resulted in
  • Reduced online activity, including other social media, while increasing offline activities such as watching TV alone and socializing with family and friends;
  • Reduced both factual news knowledge and political polarization; increased subjective well-being;
  • Caused a large persistent reduction in Facebook use after the experiment

Turns out that its time to deactivate that Facebook account to save on time and stay happier!!

At least, we can give it a temporary shot and see the results. Don’t worry Facebook will anytime render the account back with a few clicks 🙂

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