How to watch amazon prime on TV with chromecast

Amazon Prime and Netflix are the leading streaming services today. By serving powerful content, these services are nowadays everyone’s favorite and the memberships are seeing notable upwards trends.

While all is good from the content perspective, there seem to be some issues in terms of casting with Amazon Prime Service. This is due to the much talked about clash between Amazon and Google. As both these tech giants offer a device providing similar service, Amazon Firestick and Google Chromecast. Amazon has decided to pull out Amazon Prime Video casting support from Google Chromecast.

Now, consumers like me, who already purchased Google Chromecast that came early in this segment, are left totally clueless about accessing Amazon Prime Video on Google Chromecast.

Amazon allowed casting video using Google Chromecast from Prime Video app on TV till some time back. However now casting from a mobile phone is not working and everything else plays on the TV but the video, means you can see the video on your phone, but a black screen on the tv, with no audio on either.

All is not lost yet!!!

There is still one option left for accessing Amazon Prime Video using Google Chromecast.

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be streaming Instant Video from your computer to your Chromecast-connected TV without any hassle

1. Open chrome browser on your laptop.

2. Open Amazon Prime Website and login to your account.

3. Play the selected movie.

4. Now go to chrome option and cast it on your Chromecast device.

There you go.!!!

You can now view your favorite amazon prime video on your TV with Google Chromecast easily.

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